Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A new year, kind of

In case anyone was wondering, the gallery director who I thought would remember me because she told me to contact her after Miami – the person whose simple handshake gave me a bit of hope - didn’t. Furthermore she told me (shrouded in politeness), not to cold call again. Ok, but, how does an artist get “solicited?”

One good thing, the sting of this kind of interaction doesn’t last as long now. So, in this new year, I’ll just keep going.

Normal posting schedule to resume on Monday, back to Monday/Wednesday routine.


Michael Konrad said...

that sucks...

her: "next time, just some advice, you shouldn't call a gallery out of the blue."

you: "uh, but you told me to call."

something like that? I wouldn't put much stock in her advice. Next time someone else tells you to call, I'd say to take her up on it. If she didn't mean it, that's her problem...shouldn't have said it.

Molly Stevens said...

Thanks, comrad Mike! Yours in the struggle, MS
(PS hope the studio came through)