Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My website has new videos, new neons and a new look. Please visit.

I rebuilt the thing all by myself with Dreamweaver. This makes me feel like a genius. And, I decided that if I presented a series of videos on a similar subject (in this case, family), I, as an unknown artist trying to get known, would be easier to swallow.

Of course, feedback appreciated.


a_christian said...
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a_christian said...

(didn't read over before i posted)
It looks great. From what i can recall, this seems to flow much nicer than the original.

The neon diagram is very effective. I'm hesitant to suggest a change with this, but one possibility would be to put a glow or halo around the neon part. That might be too obvious a move though.

the only thing that looks unconsidered(?) is the "video excerpts" part at the top right. maybe change the font? or a size smaller?

Molly Stevens said...

Very helpful. a christian! Many thanks for taking the time to look and comment.

I'll think about adding glow. Soon, I'll just post a photo of the real thing.

And I'll take a look at video excerpts. On my browser, it's very small...