Monday, February 2, 2009


Many thanks to everyone who came on Saturday to the artist’s talk. To those who couldn’t make it, next time! There already looks there will be one.

Here are some blurry pictures (I know the gallery got better ones). I also have a recording, excerpts of which I may post. But, first I have to talk to my therapist about hearing my voice on tape.

For those who couldn’t care less, read Roberta Smith on Brandeis’s stupid decision to close their Rose Museum in today’s times.

Notice students taking notes.

Slag's founder Irina Protopopescu and I (red shirt) before. Ask me about my pants.


Vito Polly Vincent said...

Excellent! Post the sound files so I can take notes, too...

Molly Stevens said...

I'll get it to you.

How did you like that 100 yard interception, VPV?
x MS