Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Paper work

(Ingres, Napoleon I on his Imperial Throne)

In case you were wondering, here’s a template for a certificate of authenticity, which is typically provided when an artist sells a work. It is an act of aggrandizement that I find to be stupid, but also exciting. Have to say, I loved making one for my recent drawing sale. I actually had to print four or five until I got my signature looking good.

I made one for a video work a few years back, which was frankly total BS because of the medium’s reproducibility. But, along with the fancy box for the DVD, it gave importance to the bucks the collector dished.

That said, an artist and collectors can control the distribution and value of video. But that’s a post in itself.

Duration: (write n/a, if n/a)
Copyright: (write n/a, if n/a

I, [name of artist], certify the authenticity of [title of work], sold to [name of collector] on [date].

[name of collector] is the rightful owner of the drawing and will be credited as such. [If an edition, include edition number].

Many thanks for your support [a personal flourish]
[artist signature]


Vito Polly Vincent said...

Congrats again on the sale!

mary-klein said...

nice touch!

Molly Stevens said...

Shucks... thanks, Mary.