Monday, February 9, 2009


I sold my first drawing, folks. To tell you the truth, I’m flabbergasted. Not only because people aren’t buying art these days, but because people buy art in general, not to mention mine.

I bought a photograph once for $800. But, it was an entirely disembodied decision. I think I did it because the guy I was with thought it was a lonely picture, and I thought it would please him If I acquired it. (It didn’t help).

Speaking of disembodied: the dude from Coldplay, who was on TV last night all over the place, has absolutely no control over his limbs. He skims around like the Scarecrow just off his stake. It’s actually quite pathetic to watch. And I really don’t like the sensitive, shy schtick. Give me asshole, please. And tense, like me.

But, back to buying art. I have to say,there's something I find moving about someone who collects seriously. Not socially. There’s a personal passion – a sincere interest that has been cultivated, a want to be with visual work, a conviction that it's worth it– that’s a pleasure to be part of.


mary-klein said...

Congratulations on your sale, Molly!

Molly Stevens said...

Thanks, Mary!