Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mini gallery crawl

Through Saturday you can see two very nice drawings by Alan Saret at the James Cohan Gallery, part of a group show called Shaping Space. They’re in the way back room. I’ll definitely be looking into his process-oriented, gestural work (sculptures as well, also in the show), which he began developing in the 60s. But I especially want to see more of his “gang” drawings, made with fistfuls of colored pencils. This is one above (ripped off the Drawing Center’s website. They had a show of the Gang Drawings last year).

As a figure too, he also sounds interesting. After attracting quite a bit of attention in the 60s, he skipped off to India for three years, I think to pursue spiritual interests, and then recoiled from the art world.

And across the street from the Cohan Gallery, you might want to see many videos by Christopher Miner at Mitchell-Innes & Nash (through Friday). The show consists of a series of very short, narrative pieces, and one long lyrical one, all on monitors and all vaguely talking about family, religion and racism in the American south. The tone ranges from ironic-kitsch (boooooo!) to lonely (whooooo!) to the dispassionate. Go in this last direction Mr. Miner. Also, lose the credit “Christopher Miner, 2008” in the short loops. So art school.

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