Monday, December 22, 2008

Mudra 2009

As the calendar year winds down, art writers everywhere are hypothesizing about what’s next for art now that what we have known is almost a thing of the past. The mega bucks artists and collectors have been spending on art is drying up, galleries are closing everywhere, dealers are apparently thinking safe. The art world (as they call it) is bracing itself.

All I think we artists can do is continue. The burden is not upon us to predict, to forge new ways for art – although if either results, great. It is upon us just to keep making work as candidly as we can. We can’t count on what’s outside, but perhaps we can on what’s inside. Even if it is in flux, it is our own.

I myself feel anxiety, but excitement too. A more serious art scene may burgeon; the uncommitted may lose their steam. Might a kinder time be coming?

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