Monday, December 15, 2008

Mark your calendars

I will be giving an artist’s talk about text-based art – including my own – at the Slag Gallery on January 24, 5-7pm.

It is tentatively called Not Conceptual No: The Inner and Outer Languages of Text-Based Art.

Other working titles:

Please stop calling it conceptual please

It’s not conceptual, it’s not

Not conceptual Not

As of today, the description is as follows:

In this presentation, Molly Stevens will survey how text has been used in art as a declarative form, a psychological form and a visual form of communication. She’ll discuss Christopher Wool, Cy Twombly and Jean-Luc Godard among others, as well as her own work in video, drawing and signage.

I think the names of other artists is important. It could turn people on or off. Twombly is the big name, Wool is the cool cat, and Godard is the surprise. Other candidates for this part of the blurb: Matt Mullican, Jenny Holzer, Glen Ligon or…

Opinions welcome.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great presentation.

Molly Stevens said...

Thanks, Anonymous. Please come!

Gregory Travis said...
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Gregory Travis said...

I think that you should include some of Ray Johnson's text-based art in your presentation. No one could create absurd comedic effects by combining words and images quite like Ray could. I'm looking forward to the lecture!

Molly Stevens said...

Thanks, Gregory! Good idea.