Monday, September 22, 2008

They're everywhere!

Nothing about art today. The few shows I saw last week were entirely boring: I mean not even stimulating enough to complain about.

This weekend, however, just a mere three hours from downtown Manhattan, I was confronted with a very grim reality. There are actually real live people out there who want McCain to win the presidency. Call me naïve, fine.

From The Walton Reporter, I quote:

Senator McCain’s pick for vice president came as a pleasant surprise to almost everyone.[…]One thing is for sure, the Sara Palins of this world are the future of our country. Their values, their work ethic, their straightforward conversational style will re-shape the policies of our country and re-earn us the respect of the rest of the world. […] As we all know, the governor’s 17-year old daughter is pregnant. This is a situation that occurs in thousands of families every year, and we all should know what’s really important – it’s how responsibly the family deals with the situation. Every single baby born is a gift from God. […] [The media] doesn’t understand that she is one of us. She can relate to ordinary people because she is an ordinary person, who has made it because of extraordinary effort on her part. She’s got kids, worked her way through college, started at the bottom and worker her way up and got to the top by being smarter and tougher than the good ol’ boys who stood in her way […]

I’ve literally had dreams about yelling at people about their political disillusionment in recent weeks. I'm really very upset and anxious. This country is dying - we know that. Either we die nobly or we can dwindle into provincial insignificance.

I can only think that I should write a letter to the paper. But, honestly, I don’t know where to start, and how to say something poignant that won’t just have me written off as a citidiot.

All drafts welcome.

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