Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Still nothing about art today. Except that the guy appointed the new director of the Guggenheim sounds serious. And I’d like the Guggenheim to become serious again.

On another note: bailout? Is anyone amazed at how much money the government actually has at it’s disposal? Has there ever been an emergency bailout for education, health care, the poor?

So I may head to this interesting protest:

Subject: Bury the Bull

Thursday, 4pm
Bowling Green Park
By the Wall Street Bull

"Bailout This!"

Since Bush wants to buy up Wall Street's worthless investments with
Main Street's hard-earned tax dollars, some folks are planning to
bring their OWN junk to Wall Street to see if they can get a bailout,
too. Bring your 8-track tape collection, high-school yearbook,
Grampa's old recliner, and that snow globe from Great Adventure – not
to mention your mortgage statements and student loan invoices -- and
add 'em to the pile! And tell Secretary Paulson why you deserve a
bailout, too! Bring your most audacious junk. Junk that has a story.
Make your case. (Ordinary garbage discouraged.)


Mike said...

Interesting factoid, only tangentially related: That bronze bull sculpture was built & installed illegally, without city permission, by the artist following the stock market crash of 1987.

Molly Stevens said...

So, it was sarcastic and then appropriated?

Mike said...

i don't think it was sarcastic, although that's a nice idea. i think the artist intended it to help "rally" wall street. eventually the police impounded it and then "the people" rallied for it to be returned.

Molly Stevens said...

So, he was an artist on wall street's side. that strikes me as a contradiction. But - and this is an assumption about this particular artist - there's a whole faction of conservatives who make art.