Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Underdog Mentality

I have never, ever, in any situation, supported a frontrunner. To say the least, it feels strange for me to be an Obama backer right now. But, I’m going to go with it. I’m going to try to revise my underdog mindset, and leave room for the possibility of doubt about my choice, but not run to that doubt right now.

The situation makes me wonder about artist-ness. How much does being an artist depend on contrariness? How much does an artist’s happiness depend on being able to say “I am different” and even “I am uncomfortable”?

This of course suggests that artists adopt a pained posture. I’m not saying we’re affected, I’m saying that going against the grain is part of the part, even if the role feels entirely natural.

In this period where I am attempting to de-isolate, de-demoralize and de-strive - you could say de-underdog - I wonder if my urge to make will diminish.

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