Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Independence Myth

Yesterday, in my neighborhood (Chelsea), you would have thought Hillary wasn’t going to get a single vote. I was in Obama-land, and I have to say, it felt pretty good.

Then, I realized, I’m just a demographic.

It’s funny, we think that we make measured, independent decisions, that our penchants and opinions rise from untainted reflection. But, in fact, we’re as predictable as Huckabee quoting the Bible at his address last night to supporters in Little Rock, his wife standing demurely behind him wearing beige.

All this to say that the art we admire is no surprise either. It’s demographics within a demographic. When I read Heart As Arena, I know Brent Burket is going to love Black Pussy. Personally, I feel like I’m visiting a frat party. But, imagine how he feels about Mario Merz’s neon sculpture now at Luhring Augustine, which is part of a group exhibition by Arte Povera artists. I think it’s poignant. He probably thinks its passé.


Heart As Arena said...

HELLO MOLLY! And thanks. I didn't know about this exhibit. And you would be oh so wrong with your prediction. I've never met a piece of Arte Povera that I didn't love. Thanks for the tip. I'm going to see it, like, NOW.

Molly Stevens said...

I love it! I'm about as good at predicting my own demographic as I am the mood of the country.