Thursday, January 25, 2007

Words Save

I hauled myself over to the studio yesterday in the late afternoon. No plans in mind, which explains the hauling. On my desk I have Bruce Nauman interviews, and I thank him for yesterday's production. These words saved.

"When I think about doing art I think about it as an investigation of the function of the artist, or the function of myself as the artist. Each piece of work is a result of what I do in the studio every day, year by year. I think: ‘How do you spend your life being an artist?’ and I attempt to be honest with myself about that, while having some sort of moral or ethical position and some integrity about being an artist. Individual works point to different directions so when you experience a body of work over a long period of time, you get a little more understanding of what an artist is.”

Then I allowed myself to investigate. To do and redo. To what ends, I am still unclear. But, thank you Bruce Nauman for expressing that this investigation is part of the purpose.

The above Nauman piece, a statement and sign, is myth and truth. I like the freedom behind the idea that art doesn't always have to be certain.

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