Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Creative Pace

Yesterday I wrote about magical thinking. Today, Ed Winkleman's blog focuses on the role of confidence in an artist's success. That is, if an artist declares, and actually believes, "I am the best," it helps. The theme seems to be can we control what's going to happen?

I personally think that any sensitive person can't possibly feel confidence without questioning it. This is not to say that self-deprecation is of any value. On the contary.

I went into the studio and puttered. No goal, no finished piece in mind to work on. Something did in fact come out. But it's not a triumphant birth, it's a consequence of simply not deleting. I'll go back today. Work on what I squeezed out yesterday. Can any of this be of any value?

Although I promised (to "you") what yesterday's magical thinking produced, I haven't yet figured out how to upload video.

If there's anyone out there, can you advise?

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