Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The question remains

(Falaknuma Palace,India,1880s)

As you may know, I’ve been translating art-related materials since 1996. I usually consider it my day-job, something to hold me over until I strike it big with art (ummm). What I’m coming to realize is that I’m quite lucky to have the work, the freelancer’s schedule, and also the clients that I do. Hey, I can actually say my name appears in Artforum on a regular basis.

My days can be rather varied. Yesterday, for example, I translated some Derrida and then helped modify the translation of a book on an Indian palace. Both were a trip, literally and metaphorically. And I can thank Derrida and his cohorts for showing me that it’s important to have your writing make sense.

But it’s so hard to do both, translate and draw. There have been many days, of late, when I don’t get to the art-making until evening, and by then, my energy is spent. Sometimes, when I’m busy, I make better art, because I’m crunched, desperate for time. But often, I know I’m not going as deep as I can because I don’t have the time. This, I’m sure, is not unfamiliar to many of you, my few readers.

And sometimes I hate my day job so much I want to cry.

The question remains: When people talk about themselves in direct terms, is it interesting.


Dr. Chambers said...

It's interesting to me when you do it, Momoll...

Molly Stevens said...

Just give me the ritalin.