Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Capitalizing on the Zeitgeist

(Monika Grzymala, Transition, 2006)

Things are in the air, they are. I’ve often been working in a particular medium or on a specific subject or looking at an individual artist only to find out that it’s trendy, or in art speak, that “I’m part of my times.”

Last year, I delved into text-based art and soon found exhibitions all over the city exploring the same. It’s a good feeling, except that I remain in the background...not even the background. The killer was finding a big coffee-table book on the subject at the New Museum this fall. Frankly, I could’ve done a more interesting one. Or at least been in it.

Donkey Trail is really coming together in a very exciting way around the line, which is one reason why I'll be presenting a subjective survey of the line in visual art during the run of the show as an artist's talk. Details to come, of course.

But what’s this? On Line, a show opening at MoMa in November. So, how do you get yourself more on the front line of it all?


Keith 'n Me Wife Mary said...

I'm looking forward to watching Donkey Trail grow and develop. ...Maybe the thing to do in terms of riding the line, as it were, is to blog about the show - not just the show itself, but maybe you could interview the curator and artists involved. In the process, you juxtapose your own work with observations about the displayed pieces. Integrate yourself with all of it, in other words. I don't know whether this would work or whether anybody would actually be willing to sit for an interview with you, but either way it gives you interesting and topical things to write about that mesh with what you're trying to do with your work. ...This all coming from an indentured servant at the Valley Farm, but whatev...

Molly Stevens said...

Hey there, Keith!
That's a very good idea. If I can only get the curator to think it's/I'm worth her time, I think it's a great idea to blog about her show. I will definitely keep you posted.