Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The art poliice, part II, and the police in politics

This would be self-censorship, self-sabotage, stemming from a strong, mostly unconscious notion of what’s allowable and not in art. Yes, this too is a form of political correctness. There are artists who make the breaking of rules the subject of their art, but in my mind, that tends to come off as a bit false or flat.

The only antidote I can think of is being true to what you’re doing, despite the voices. Of course a purely individual approach is impossible; we’re always choosing some role, staking some position, we’re always under the sway of influence. But I do think there is a sense of self – shifting, yes – that one can try to respect.

In practice, this usually means striking a balance between choice and spontaneity. Let’s say you feel like making a chrome rabbit. You know about Jeff Koons, but you want to do it anyway because you like bunnies and because you think it’s meaningful to bring another one into being. I’d say do it then (despite me).

I think I’m starting to repeat myself on the blog. So…

Feeling crushed about the election. One of the most frustrating aspects is the appropriation of language by the right – this whole “people’s seat” business. How have “the people” been convinced that “those people” represent their interests?

That said, I’ve learned a lot this year. The whole Mr. Nice, let’s all get along, is mythic. Everything in politics is a fight, a push for what you want to get through. That’s it. Period. There's no choice but to get tough.

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