Wednesday, December 30, 2009

An art year in review

(Ellsworth Kelly, White Bands on Yellow, 1950)

I am thankful for a year of many changes art-wise (politically, I had hoped for more. I’m ready to face it).

In terms of my own work, it began with a lecture on text-based art and ended with drawings of Mantegna-like mountains. In between came video interruptions, drawings of trees in the wind, paintings of finger-shoot-dicks, and the important revelation that doing fish pose before you start working releases creativity (It does! Try it!).

In terms of galleries and museums, off the top of my head, I was most impressed with the Kippenberger retrospective at MoMa and with Ellsworth Kelly, both his drawings from the 50s and 60s at Matthew Marks, and his paintings in Cézanne and Beyond in Philly. Neither artist really represents change (really who cares), but my attraction to them does.

I also am grateful to Roberta Smith, who makes me feel that what I’m doing is ok, and especially, especially, especially to a few new artist-friends, who embody the word ComRade (in arms, sure!).

And I am grateful to this annoying blog, which almost no one reads, but which somehow organizes my thoughts. And when you do read or comment, I love you for it, I really do.

That said, the path is still bumpy to say the least. So tune in next year.

Love, Molly

PS: My vote on what to call this past decade, which I can’t say I’m sorry to see end, is “the 9/11 years.”


Lady Xoc said...

I'm sure you mean it's annoying to you. Because I do read your blog and perhaps I should comment more frequently, but I always look forward to hearing (and seeing) what you are up to. I'm wondering about your adventure in Facebook-land. I signed up one day in order to read about something a friend was doing and became hopelessly lost, not to mention the thing I was looking for didn't even exist I found out later. Now all I have is a stupid gray silhouette and lots of emails from people who want to befriend me. I'm not sure what to do and when I tried to quit, I discovered that because I didn't know my password anymore and had tossed the "authorization" code or whatever, that I couldn't even log on to my own page. WTF! I am truly in Limbo.

Best Wishes for the coming year.

Molly Stevens said...

Thanks so much Lady Xoc. That goes a long way.

I use FB to post my blog posts in an attempt to get more readers. I have a "personal" page and a "fan page." Also for announcing exhibitions, it's supposed to be good, but I have no proof of that yet.

It's a very voyeuristic and exhibitionist thing, but it can be controlled. I've also learned that people I didn't like then, I still don't like now.

It's also a great way to procrastinate.

Thanks for writing and happy new year to you too.