Monday, November 23, 2009

One of the best shows of the decade?

(Carroll Dunham, (Hers) Night and Day, #5, 2009)

Dear Jerry,

I really like you. You remind me of my first shrink. In fact, you’re so familiar, you’d fit right in at our Thanksgiving.

Also, I really appreciate your stats on women in the art world, and the way you keep your eye fresh.

And I just loooove your wife.

But, Jerry.

I mean, I like Carroll Dunham, ok. I like the vigor and the cartoon quality, especially in the drawings. And his imitation wood too. Plus, he seems like a pretty smart guy. Like in the Brooklyn Rail this month.

Your colleague at the Times liked the show a lot too. He said something about an alternative to a male-dominated world. But, I don’t know, mega twats still seem like a male perspective to me. I guess he has a right to his opinion, though.

But, come on, Jerry. One of the best shows of the decade?

All my arguments against the show (the offensive holes, the ugly stylized landscape, the graceless lines, the depthless color, the redundant imagery, the clumsy composition) seem to be part of the point (the dominance of pornography, the nude in art history, high and low esthetics). This leaves me with only one thing to say. I don’t like ‘em and I’m upset you do.

Please come to my show in May anyway.

Molly Stevens


Charles Browning said...

couldn't agree with you more, Molly

Molly Stevens said...