Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fall Preview

(Urs Fischer, You, 2007)

Ever feel like you’re making, making, making, thinking, evolving, envisioning a future, but absolutely no one really cares?

Ever feel like you’re in it alone, really alone? Like you’d really like someone to ask you everyday how your work is going and be interested, so interested in fact that this person would even make a few calls for you?

Ever think the reason why the conversation veers from your art to your day job, or to your friends’ lives, or your family, or your financial hurdles, is not because it’s the natural flow of dialogue, but because your work actually sucks?

Would you keep making work even if you thought it sucked? Is there a reason to?

Ever notice how shitty you are at self-promotion?

Ever know that you’d be a great gallery artist, that you could make enough work, that you’d be heaven to work with, that if only someone would let you in, you’d do more than your share?

Ever just want to unsubscribe from those monthly mailings from the handful of galleries you can bear to visit, cancel the Artforum, skip over the listings in the New Yorker?

Ever wonder how that motherfucker got the show?

Every wonder why it’s so hard for them just to answer the goddamn email?

Welcome to the new art season. Enjoy.