Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Unknown Friend

In doing my research to expand my talk on text-based art, I have come across the work of Anne-Lise Coste, a French-born artist in her mid-thirties.

Her work draws on the content of writing, the expression of the hand and the rebellion of graffiti. I see her work and I wish I had made it. (Yes, that’s jealousy.) And then she’s better! (Yes, that’s fear.)

But soon after there comes a relief that sounds somewhat like this: Wow. So, I’m not such a wack job after all. There are people out there who are tackling the same ideas I am, and I like the differences.

If I wanted to be pedagogical about it, I’d say, artists, give your inkling some room, let it grow, and eventually you’ll find your people (if that’s even important to you). And if I didn’t want to be, I’d say to myself, nice work, makes me want to get back to the studio.

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