Monday, April 6, 2009

Art Lingo

We need to qualify the term “collector.” Because as artists and gallerists are using it, it has come to mean “person who pays for it” and nothing more. That’s a little crass.

The other night a gallery owner said to me, “Oh, we’re getting a lot of traffic. Even collectors!” From which I was supposed to understand that some of the work might actually sell.

I once introduced two friends to a woman who owns a gallery, saying “These are my friends from Brazil and they’re collectors.” And in her eyes there suddenly appeared dollar signs.

The good ones deserve more; an acknowledgment of their ongoing interest and an appreciation of their support. Patron still works for me, although it's a bit stuffy. Benefactor sounds a bit like Mrs. Havesham. We could go with “collector and art enthusiast,” or “ serious collector,” but those are a little long. Probably direct is best: “She bought it,” or “This piece was purchased.”

Above, an image of my installation of drawings currently on view at Westchester Community College. Click on image to see drawings better. Going up for one of two artist's talks today.

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