Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Today I’m going up to Westchester Community College’s gallery to install a wall of eighteen drawings and two videos for a show entitled Home Again, curated by James Leonard (who I met through this blog!). It’s a four-person group exhibition on view March 16 – April 18. Two artist’s talks, a catalogue, installation shots (to be shared here) and even an honorarium all included. Yay.

The drawings have been the biggest source of both excitement and stress. The stress came mostly while selecting and planning the arrangement. And then the packing.
For this reason, I’m heading over to the Drawing Center this evening for a workshop (free). I thought I’d pass on the last minute word:
Create, Present, Preserve brings together a panel of experts in the areas of conservation, framing, and art handling to discuss the best methods for creating, presenting, storing, and transporting artwork as well as common mistakes to avoid. Following a short discussion moderated by Viewing Program staff Nina Katchadourian and Rachel Liebowitz, panelists will answer audience questions.

Finally, if you’re looking for a heart wrenching read, I recommend this portrait of writer David Foster Wallace from last week’s New Yorker. RIP, Mr. Wallace.


Mike said...

Molly, how was the workshop? If you got any useful info on storing & transporting artwork, it would be great if you could post it here. I'm trying to solve those problems myself right now and I'm sure others would also find it helpful.

Molly Stevens said...

What little I learned, I'll post Monday. Good idea. Thanks, Mike.