Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Summer Sluggish

Saw a few shows yesterday. I was vaguely intrigued by Crop Rotation at Marianne Boesky. The structure above is in fact made of mirror-material, and the spray-painted text you see is a reflection (the phrase is written backwards on a wall in front, that you don’t see).
But the exhibition is very heady. Perhaps the opposite problem of what appeared in the New York Times today.

This is exactly what I hate about “political art.” This thing is a one-liner. There’s no nuance, complexity, and certainly no poetry. Could that girl be in a Tide commercial or what?

Then there was Danica Phelps at Zach Feuer. She’s selling her scroll drawings by the inch. There are also piles of letters and a hanging mobile of letters, apparently made from trash, a purging of her practice of obsessively writing down every detail of her life (the practice that made her name).

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