Monday, July 21, 2008

Some new drawing installations


Mike said...

these seem hard to photograph. what size is each sheet of paper? i'd guess 18"x24" but there's nothing to indicate scale. maybe they should be bigger? i don't know.

Vito Plly Vincent said...

Those drawings are very cool. My favorite one is "Dint". Funny how one conversation reverberates forever. ...I know there are probably no set 'rules' bit os the viewer supposed to see all those drawings at once, or each in isolation? Do you have a preference?

Molly Stevens said...

Hey Mike!

Each drawing is 22 x 30. For my AIM application, I inserted a person for scale reference. It's definitely hard to photograph! Scanning individual ones work sometimes.

Hey VPV!

The funny thing is, I make these in a "stream of consciousness." Dint is lodged in there forevah.
I've arranged them to be viewed as a whole (so read a narrative if you want to), but each stands on its own as well (and that's how I think I would sell them - as individual words)

Mike said...

ha! i noticed you said you'd sell them as individual "words" not "works." a slip of the tongue, perhaps, or deliberate...either way it seems an appropriate way to put it.

Molly Stevens said...