Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Can someone tell me how to make a link in a post?

Is there an advantage other than a cv notch to being in a show when the video component is a single projector showing a string of about fifty videos, each one by a different artists?

Should I lie about my age in the art world?

How does an artist let go of her super ego?

Are you supposed to just go to openings and talk to random people?

When they say, “show your best work,” doesn’t it mean show them what “they” will like?

During a studio visit, should I have a menu with all my work, but show only two or three pieces and see where it goes?


zipthwung said...

linking in a post is done thusly:

<a href=">your click me</a >

zipthwung said...

click me

the above code is "broken" in that I missed a closing" quote.

This "opening and closing" metaphor creates ""nested" + "containers""

Note the / in the closing tag of the "anchor"

I had to use special characters to "escape" the html to get the difference in these posts, but if you copy and paste the first example (witht he quote mark) it will look like this