Monday, July 23, 2007

The Career of Magical Thinking

Believe it or not, I’m actually being considered for the Whitney Biennial.

It started with a studio visit with a curator at the Whitney who I have known for a while. Although she in not involved in this year’s exhibition, I asked her how I might be considered. She told me about her experience curating it some ten years back, how her office filled with proposals overnight and how the whole exhibition is basically a political mess. Nevertheless, she gave me the name of a consulting curator based outside NY for the 2008 show. Miraculously, he picked up the phone when I found the courage – from god knows where – to call him. He accepted to receive a package.

After a month of light nagging, he wrote an email informing me that he forwarded my work to the other curators (back in NY). Then I worked my way through the labyrinth at the museum and got hold of an assistant. She told me I was on their radar and would be reviewed.

This high lasted a week.

Then I wrote the consulting curator outside of NY to thank him again, and to basically remind him that I exist.

Today, I called the assistant again and asked whether the film and media review had been completed. She just responded, clearly exhausted and overwhelmed, that the process was still in progress, and that I would be contacted if there were questions.

No high today.

Sounds like I’m one of thousands. The chances that I’m put into the film and media program are almost nil. But, I still have a grain of hope.

At this point, I truly feel there’s nothing left to do.

Unless, there is. All suggestions welcome, including mantras, candle-lighting and downright begging.


Vito Polly-Vincent said...

So it seems I'm not your only reader after all! Your admirers suffer with you, and we will celebrate with you, too, when the big break comes. I know you prefer to frame it as 'IF the big break comes', but WHEN gives us all a little more reason to believe. Remind me to tell you my new discovery: Believing I can win the point, even when the other player is stronger than I am...

Molly Stevens said...

Tell me the discovery! Does it involve OCD?

Mark Creegan said...

This is such good news! The fact that important curators are looking at your work, great news! I will send out sum good vibes. I remember reading about Zoe Strauss' acceptance on her blog 2 years ago. very exciting!

Molly Stevens said...

I would love to read about that. Maybe it's in her archives.