Monday, June 4, 2007


Don’t have a damn thing to write today. Just the prospect of having to go to the studio without a project to work on. I could prepare a proposal to an open call, but their definition of “emerging artist” practically excludes me, and therefore is a bit insulting. In any case, judging by this year’s jurors, I don’t stand a chance. Don’t know: it seems they’ll want issue-based work, which I do have, but am not so revved-up about right at this moment. So, do you send in a proposal anyway, or just blow it off? Blowing it off is not something familiar to me. I come more from the “nothing will happen unless you make it happen” school. So contrary to artistic development really, since no room is left for gestation, chance, accident.

Sometimes the hardest part about going to the studio, is “going.” Once I’m there, it’s manageable. I don’t even have a commute to complain about. It’s just a block away.

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