Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Is there any way to know if what you’re doing is crap? I mean, objectively, there is crap, I believe this, but how do you know if your work is? For myself, I try not to determine this on feedback, because, in my case there is so little of it. If feedback is key, I’m screwed.

Time and space usually help me see a work clearly. When I finish a piece, I usually think it’s the best thing I’ve made. I get all excited. But, then I put it away, and a few months later I watch it again and realize all sorts of problems.

One of my biggest problems is haste.

In the less than ten years that I’ve been “emerging” my career, I think I stand by only three or four pieces. That’s not much for the retrospective (or is it?). The rest, well, I might call it crap. Although, I tend to save that judgment for other people’s work.

That’s not very nice, I know.

The thing is, what we make is probably 99% junk. But, to know that while in the process only kills the fantasy. And, when there’s no feedback, you need that grain of hope.

God knows what the line is between delusion and rigor.

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