Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Networking is the most uncomfortable necessary evil. You do it because you need to, and the insincerity of your moves is palpable. You end up calling people, asking them for favors, when you know they don’t have the time to help, nor the will. You come off as the typical polite and needy woman, who speaks in a head voice, but who in fact is aggressive and perhaps desperate or nuts.

Oh, if I only never had to make another follow-up call again.

People have made follow up calls to me (not for art, but for translation). On occasion I’ve felt the tickle of power, and have played up the busy, cold, or uninterested. On occasion, I’ve also offered generic advice, without offering more. I understand not wanting to be networked.

What is an artist to do.

And more importantly, how long can I claim to be emerging?

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