Monday, March 12, 2007

Crumbs and Carrots

After receiving this email, I have no choice, do I.

Hi Molly,
I appreciate your interest in Art Omi and wanting to have feedback. It is really such a difficult process of review and each year we receive more and more applications, nearing 1000 this year. Even more, we can only accept about 4-5 from NYC. That said, your application has been favorably reviewed in each of the 3 years. Your piece from last year with the kids playing while the maid is cleaning and this year, the french dialgoue piece were both particulary noted among the board and to be honest you were quite close in making the final list, but regrettably it didn't come to pass. In fact a few of the invited artists have also applied, 2,3, 4 times from NYC. Have you been up to Open Studios? If you are around and have the chance to come up it would be great to meet you in person and we can talk more. Otherwise, I would just encourage you in the direction you have been moving in. It's clear that you are developing some unique and thoughtful ideas into video and don't hesitate to apply again..but always include some new work, as you have, for the selection committee.
Thank you.
All the best,
Art Omi International Artists' Residency

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