Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Can you believe this is what Urs Fischer looks like? (I scanned the pic from this week’s New Yorker, which includes a Calvin Tomkins piece about him). I don’t know, I expected something a little less casual. And fewer tattoos. Maybe you need tattoos to show at the New Museum?

(Elizabeth Payton, 2004)

Now Luc Tuymans looks exactly like what I expected. Icy cold. Maybe not something you want in your living room.

In a really nice article in today's Times about the writer Peter Dexter, it says:
Though he has friends who are writers, among them Richard Russo and Padgett Powell, he generally has a hard time with the success of others. “Jealousy’s the wrong word for what I usually feel,” he said. “It’s closer to hoping they get hit by a car.”
Back to covers. You know who really fits the part?

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Sarah Masarachia said...

Ha! We both loved the same quote.