Monday, June 22, 2009

Future Unknown

In the upcoming months, here at Art on My Mind, I will be considering the question of intuition and non-sense, especially as it applies to art making and viewing. I’ll be talking with artists, friends, shrinks, I’ll be looking into Zen and other spiritual philosophies, body work, brain work, animal behavior, I’ll be trying to understand how (and also why) people draw, paint, write and how they come up with ideas. I’ll also be looking at shows, reading reading, and all with the intent of broadening an understanding of the ungraspable sense that is intuition.

The initial bias is that what we label as non-sense makes more sense. Sound vague? It is and I’d like to keep it that way for once.

For those concerned, I’ll still be bitching about how difficult everyday art making is, and also reporting on what’s up on the scene.

To add to the happy mess is the overlap this project will have with the development of Donkey Trail, both the blog and the exhibition. When something’s happening over there, I’ll post a hee haw hee haw over here.

As Eloise says, “Ooooooooo I absolutely love Room Service.”

Any initial thoughts you might have on this subject are of course welcome.


Son said...

Something helped me to draw was, surprisingly, to get a tennis lesson. Many years ago, while playing tennis with a friend, he counseled me to "soltar el brazo" when hit the ball, wich I could translate as "free your arm". I did it, I concentrated on the ball and "forget" about my arm. To my surprise, it worked very well.
Since then, I try to do it this way when I draw or paint: I do it "instinctively", and it works. I am a figurative painter and not trying to control my arm, my hand, my pencil, gives much better results to me.

Molly Stevens said...

This is a great story, Son. Thank you so much for writing it out.

Lot of people talk about something very similar with Golf.