Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Making it

I think my therapist told me a story about a writer she knew who wrote his entire novel – and it got published - with a sign on his typewriter that read “Make it shit now, fix it later.” Funny thing is, I’m actually not sure about the “fix it later” part. Was that really part of the sign did she say? Or is that what I remember she said? The book definitely got published, that I know.

In any case, this past week I’ve been approaching my drawing and painting with only “Make it shit” in my head, inspired somehow by this story that somehow only exists in my head. The good part is that the attitude does get the juices flowing – because you’re trying to break any rule of decorum you catch yourself putting out.

So, here is a shitty photograph of one of the shit drawings and a shitty photograph of the shit painting I’m working on.


Sarah Masarachia said...

Viva la shit!! Ha!

Beautiful drawings!!

I have a file "folder" on my laptop labelled "shitty first drafts". It helps the mindset.

All of my writing is stored there.

I like the motto. May borrow it this week.

Molly Stevens said...

ALL of your writing is stored there. That's great.

Great to hear from you, Sarah my friend.