Monday, January 19, 2009

If I do say so myself

With a group of artists friends, we're whipping together an application for one of LMCC's Swing Spaces (temporary exhibition space).

I wrote this email, and if I do say so myself, sounds pretty good!

I would maybe avoid words like "globalism" and "diversity," because I think they are a bit dated. We all know this is a global, diverse world at this point. It's really just semantics though, because the idea about converging, overlapping, interconnected cultures, expressions - about difference and commonality - is really the same.
This is what I've been reading/thinking about that interests me : We are past "movements" in art, there is really no "next thing." What's artists can offer now is a wide selection of viewpoints, a non-clarity about the world as it really is, and yet a inter-connectedness about the world as it really is. What this group of artists (us), who have converged in NY, can do is complement each other, fill in pieces of a picture.

Please note, my artist's talk date will be on January 31 (not January 24). More on this on Wednesday.

And when was the last time you thought about George Segal?

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