Monday, November 3, 2008

The Hell Phase

In the creative process, let’s designate the uncertain-but-doing-it-anyway phase. This is a time of grappling, liking one way one day, another the next. This is a time when almost anyone you show the work to returns a blank stare. You have only the vaguest words for what you’re doing – although you can get excited about various aspects -, and anyone else who does saves the day. You’re not even certain the work is going anywhere. The almighty “intention” you learned about in art school shifts or is null. But you’re doing the work anyway.

This phase probably should be embraced. Because something unexpected can happen; because complexity is knit when the analytical mind doesn’t take over and confine an idea; because the thinking mind, that “intention,” may not be the best thing for your work.

Although I’ve been at my series of text-drawings for almost a year now, I’m in this phase. I could call it hell, so I think I will.

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Michelle said...

The Hell Shape!

This made everything so clear, no more like -- translucent . . . no, murky???
Either way, I gave this post a hug.