Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Talk to me

I'm developing a text piece based on New York idioms for an upcoming festival. These will be interruptions again.

Anyone with any contributions, please chime in. Think in the vein of:

What am I, chopped liver?
Bagel, Schmear
I'm 'bout that
The boogie down and Shaolin
The bricks
The Giants win the Supe
Shut the fuck up
Not for nothin',but you might want to lay off the pizza
Tell me somethin' I don't know


Dana said...

That and a subway token will get you a train ride.
I'm walkin' here.
Fuck you and your mother too.
Next stop, City Hall.
The B&T crowd.
Bitch stole my cab.
If you believe that, I've got a bridge to sell ya.
Jesus loves Chinatown. (OK -- that one's not popular yet, but I saw it on a t-shirt and I think it's going places!)

Molly Stevens said...

You go Dana! And she's a native of Chicago, folks.

I'm narrowing it down to insults, mostly. And also accent. My favorite being Pawta Crappa,