Monday, May 12, 2008

The Male Gaze

Maria, 1996. Courtesy of Janet Borden, Inc.

Lee Friedlander photographs and photographs and photographs. Trees, the American landscape, musicians, flower stems. And his family. This ongoing series is perhaps my favorite because of the tenderness that comes through in each image. That’s his wife above with the smiling cat. I never thought neck lines could look so good, so right. It is because they are loved.

The self-portrait below with his wife again remains one of my favorite pictures of a couple ever. Her soft smile, his gentle lean, both ooze admiration. It’s what most people have in mind when they get married.

An exhibition of Friedlander’s square portraits are on view at Janet Borden through June 7.

Cannon Beach, Oregon, 1997. Courtesy of Molly's bookshelf.

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