Monday, March 31, 2008

No Pulse

I don’t ever want to go to an art fair again.

1. The booths look like shit. Cheap walls with white tape covering the joints. Bad lighting. No windows. Handmade sticky labels that are crooked.

2. The art looks like shit. Because of the mall-like set-up, all meaning is lost. Everything seems gimmicky and shallow.

3. I spend my time either dodging people I don’t feel like talking to, or seeking out people I think I should show my face to, in the hope that some day, they’ll be helpful to me. Gross.

4. I end up feeling entirely insecure, inadequate and depressed, not only about my work, but about my personality and my goals.

Why would I try so hard to “get into” a scene like this? All it has done is stopped me from making stuff.

I want out. And I wasn’t ever even in.


Michael Konrad said...

Hey, I went to The Armory Show this weekend and had a similarly disgusted reaction. Since we were both intent on suffering through an art fair, we should have gone together so that at least we'd have someone to complain to.

Well, I'd say next time, but I'm with you...there will be no next time.

Molly Stevens said...

Right on.

I only went to Pulse, but that was enough.

Molly Stevens said...

Plus, didn't it cost $30 to get into The Armory?

Michael Konrad said...

Yeah, but I have a valid "student" ID because of my job. $10.00

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