Monday, February 12, 2007

Paris, Day 1

Paris is so pleasant to look at and so easy to get along with, I can’t imagine really getting anywhere making work here. It’s as if there weren’t enough conflict, enough ugly. Intellectually and esthetically, I feel at home. So, where would the art come from?

The question is, what does art look like if you feel fine?

I remember when I was living here, not as a practicing artist however, conflict eventually did arise. I could fit in, but there was still a yearning of sorts to break out. It was all too staid. It was almost sleepy.

I don’t make art to attempt to show beauty, but rather discomfort and tension. And the hope is, it’ll end up being beautiful. But, who are the artists that start with beauty and intend to express it? Perhaps Matisse. Perhaps artists serving religion.

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